Thursday, March 22


New job is helping us catch up on the past. However, it seems that people are getting increasingly dumber. Okay, so maybe not the nicest thing to say, but may be necessary. Crazy situations causing a lot of energy. Think I will begin yoga again. I seemed at peace when I was practicing before. Yes, that is my new solution! I will breathe, make sure I take me time, begin doing yoga, and of course, hug and smile often.

Let's all try it! Hug and Smile; Hug and Smile; Hug and Smile... That's right. Do it!

Monday, January 16

2 Long Years

It has been a long time since I have posted anything new. I am back and will post information.

Justin took his first test for a belt. We will know in two weeks if he passed. We moved to Indiana. It is only 4 hours away, but warmer. It is Jan. and is suppose to get up to 50 tomorrow. Heat Wave.

Love my new job. Love our new dog. Yes, we had to get rid of Mona. (The dog from an earlier post.) Now, we have Bailey. She is a great dog. Have great friends and miss family.

Wednesday, January 6

Older son's wood projects

The 9 yr old made his car and  plane by himself. No help from dad. Well, a little help from dad, but he did a great job on his own.
He is getting too big.  80)

Dog-- To Keep or Not To Keep?

Yes, that is the question I am pondering at this time. Our Basset Hound continues to pee on our youngest son's bed. We find the remains, but we are confused as to when she sneaks up those stairs , past the baby gate to do it. AND why? Why his room? Why his bed? She asks to go out every two hours and she is taken out.

She is cute, lovable, and sweet. She takes off if she is not on a leash. She keeps rabbits, squirrels, and others out of the yard. She will eat if she catches (yes, she does once in a while catch one). She loves attention, plays with toys, and does snuggle.

Hmmm.... will we be able to find her a home where she is spoiled? Maybe that will put an end to her problem. Maybe she is jealous of the other animals. Maybe she does it on purpose. Maybe she needs to be the only pet. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Need to decide. Hmmmmm.....

Sunday, January 3

Education Today

Thought this link would be a nice read for those of you interested in education today.
Making College Relevant

Saturday, January 2

Plane & Bird Feeder

Yesterday while I was at mom's helping her with her perpetual calendar, dad and Justin built a plane and a bird feeder from Justin's kit.

Those kits are one of the best gifts the boys got. They don't need anything, but wood glue (comes in it) and they get to build 4 cool projects. Justin only has one left- the bird house.

Here they are. Apparently, the new paint color of choice is purple.

Daddy added the Batman symbol.
It looks blue, but is purple.

Feeder is still wet with paint.
We will put it outside this afternoon after it is dry.

Come back later to see how the feeder looks outside. Hopefully, the birds will use it today. Justin would be so happy to see them eating from it. Maybe we will make some other feeders today too.

Friday, January 1

New Year's Day

Well, today is the beginning of a new year. Honestly, it seemed like any other day to me.

However, the family went sledding. Well, the boys were sledding while I took pictures. Got some wonderful shots. Everyone had fun. Daddy had a great slide; he captured some big air. We all took a walk. It was nice to do something as a family instead of everyone in the house doing their own thing.

Went to mom's to scrapbook. We worked on her perpetual calendar. Now, I am need to get here months ready for her on the DS. I may start this evening. We cut out a Mickey Mouse, a worded icon, and some wording for her calendar. The bad part about the DS is that is took us 1/2 hour just to upload the updates. Once that was done, we could actually start our cutting.

Well, happy 1st of January 2010. My word of advice for the new year is to slow down. That is what I plan to do.